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Our Philosophy

Grounded in the principles articulated in the Goals & Criteria that guide the 25 Sacred Heart schools in the US and Canada, Carrollton offers a transformative experience intended to prepare girls intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and personally for their futures.

A Carrollton student will learn to access tools and internal resources to make thoughtful, intentional decisions and to play an active role in an increasingly complex world.

Our Curriculum

Committed to educating the whole child, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart supports an extensive curricular and extracurricular program. Students throughout the Lower and Upper Schools pursue a wide range of interests through programs integrated into the school program. By involving students in a number of school activities and programs, Carrollton prepares them for the leadership roles they will assume in the future. The formation of women of courage and confidence calls for the education of mind and heart.

Lower School

Students gradually learn to take greater responsibility for their own learning. By the time a child leaves the Lower School, she will have solid academic skills and responsible study habits.

Upper School

Guided by the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria, we inspire thoughtful introspection in our students and encourage them to find balance and joy in the engaged act of learning.