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Student working on her laptop during class.

Technology at Carrollton

Being at the forefront of technology use in schools is in the DNA of Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. At our core is an educational philosophy that we share with 25 other Sacred Heart schools across the United States and in 41 countries around the world. Founded in 1800, the Society of the Sacred Heart nurtures girls into confident, informed, spiritually-centered and responsible women.

Information technology continues to change the way in which people interact with each other and how they access, process, create and share information. The rapid growth and continuous evolution of complex technologies in all facets of society and the transformation in the nature of work demand that schooling and its use of technology shift in response. Students are introduced to the collaborative nature of today’s technology and encouraged to use it to communicate with other students and faculty in and out of the classroom. Just as technology has made the high-performance workplace possible, when it is effectively integrated into classroom instruction at all levels, it can raise both the quality of teaching and the level of student understanding and achievement.


Lower School Devices 

In Grades 1-3, we begin introducing our students to the various operating systems across devices. Much like the way that we learn languages, students benefit from early introduction to multiple operating systems, allowing them to forge connections between processes across devices. Our first grade students work with Chromebooks. The students work in Chrome and iOS while learning to navigate devices.

Grades 4-5 is a "one to one" cart environment. Students work in Windows and Chrome OS. The devices are managed by the Technology team. Technology works closely with the Intermediate instructors to ensure that all necessary programs are available. In Grade 6, students are issued their own laptop computer. Students are offered a choice of devices to ensure that this device is one that they are comfortable with using at school and at home.

Upper School Devices 

Grades 7-8 is a managed "one to one" environment where students continue to use the devices that they selected in 6th grade. New students are asked to select one of the devices previously approved by the school.

Grades 9-12 is a Bring Your Own Device environment. Carrollton's Technology team works with students and their families to ensure that the device chosen supports the student in their Upper School pursuits. It is always recommended that new students speak to their instructors about device recommendations. We welcome all devices and operating systems in Grades 9-12.